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Re: Tadashi Abe and Kenji Tomiki and their criticism

Marc Abrams wrote: View Post

Please cite your source as to where Dan claims that he has "IT" and nobody else does. If you cannot find that source, then kindly issue an apology for your "mistake." Dan has been open about acknowledging other people in the community that have some of "IT" as well (Dan never claimed to or currently claims to have all of "IT").

Using one of Dan's quotes "You don't know what you don't know." One of the people that Dan has mentioned (myself as well), Ushiro Sensei says something like "the biggest block to your learning is what you already think that you know."

You have been encouraged to experience at least one of those two people and you have alternated by being dismissive of what you might learn/experience or claim that you already have "IT."

Very senior martial artists train with both Dan and Ushiro Sensei. Maybe, just maybe they do so for very good reason. You would never know why until you experienced for yourself. Then again, you can continue to claim mutually incompatible reasons for not wanting to experience either of them..... Kind of fitting what the moniker is at the bottom of your posts. Maybe it is you who is afraid of the truth, because it might hurt you to realize how much you didn't learn after all.

Marc Abrams
So you are saying, like Dan, that none other than those you mention have not discovered it for themselves don't know? Well that is a contradiction in terms isn't it? There are many inflated grades that I'm aware of and have studied as many years if not more? Have they really wasted their time for all these years, or maybe that just haven't thought about it that much?
Me? I am just a lowly 4th dan who according to you and Dan knows nothing...... Grades to me really mean nothing, it's just a numbers game. Do you honestly think I care about what you are trying to preach to me? Am I worried and really concerned about it? If I was, I would be the first to apply for one of Dan's courses in "IP" much like yourself Marc, but then again maybe don't have "it" so maybe you have that need....? I'm quite happy with what I was given in the beginning and have worked on it. Tomiki Sensei gave us the "tools", it's up to everyone who studies his system to make the best of it and find out for themselves by trial and error... Not everybody is going to get "it"..... that's life.....
I didn't study under one teacher, but many, and I learned to get the best out of them. it's been a fairly long road , but self revelation comes at a price, I believe it's called hard work....... Some, it seems find difficult to do......
I'm sure Dan is quite competent, power to him, but don't you think that we all haven't discovered something for ourselves along the way?
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