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Mario Tobias
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Re: Techniques in themselves don't work

Joe Curran wrote: View Post
Dear Mario,
I would like to know how you arrive at your conclusion here. I find your statement to be for me somewhat confusing.A technique either works or it does not.A technique is just like a menu for baking a cake.Get the right ingredients, the right quantities , mix them up in the prescribed manner, cook the stuff at the right temp.and the result should be a cake.No magic or some mystical process.Just a matter of taking basic aikido principles , putting them into practice correctly.Result-the waza works!!If not go back to the drawing board.To answer your last point, if Aikido doesnt work use a baseball bat[Joking of course].
Cheers, Joe
I am not saying aikido techniques don' t work. They do, but there's much more than a technique in itself for it to work effectively.

For me, in my training now, I don't focus on the technique itself but rather the underlying fundamentals that make up that technique. The pursuit for me now is not how techniques will work but rather seeking those fundamentals that work that make a technique work. I only know a handful that are tried and proven.

A technique's external form maybe similar when done by different people but its effectiveness varies.
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