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Marc Abrams
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Re: Training Internal Strength

Budd Yuhasz wrote: View Post
Thanks, Marc. I'll be really interested over time to see how you work on connecting the dots between what you're doing now and the burst that Ushiro does. I have an idea in theory how it works, but don't want to comment any further without hands on. I expect a lot of it is the right conditioning combined with the right balance of stretch and release.

I'm interested as well!!! This work for me is mentally taxing. I hope that one day, the mental intend can drive easier that it currently is. Luckily, I have some great colleagues and teachers to help me move forward. The nice thing about where I am in my life, is that I feel no sense of urgency or rush, just a dedication to apply myself harder as a student to learning something new every day. I genuinely look forward to meeting you.


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