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Re: Training Internal Strength

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Ushiro Sensei emphasizes that Sanchin Kata focuses on two major areas. 1) Kokyu- Breathing. Breathing is unified with movement. As one gets better in this area, the breathing becomes an integral part of the explosive power with the punch. 2) Shime- Tightening. The emphasis is on relaxing the joints so that a unified tightening is created in the body. This is critical in developing explosive power. It is spoken as developing "Bu" through "Ju" (hard through soft). It is simply not worth getting in a debate with certain people as to whether or not something teaches you and/or constitute "internal power." You saw something that indicated a depth of material. Hopefully, it was to your benefit in your own training.
I suppose I'm the "certain people" so rudely referred to, but *leaving me out of the actual topic*, how about explaining how and when it's supposed to work... the Sanchin and internal strength? Seeing something and believing firmly that it will develop power is something one of the characters in the Wizard of Oz might believe in fervently, but in the real world, how would Sanchin develop internal power. And yes, I happen to know the answer, but my central point had to do with the fact that people following the latest trend on AikiWeb aren't ending up often enough with internal strength for all the fuss. In other words, if a beginner (which I was, at one time, and I darned well remember it) comes to me and says, "I want to learn internal strength", I wouldn't say "Go to Joe Blow and let him teach you Sanchin.... it's just chock full of IP power". Is that really what we'd do to newbies because it sounds cool and it doesn't rock the boat? Noobs don't need to be used as cannon fodder for workshops, IMO.

Show me a few gaijin people that have studied Sanchin with Ushiro who have developed internal strength. I haven't met any and I'm certainly willing to be pleased and open if I do meet someone like that. If it's even marginally good I'd say "Awesome". If there's no results from a certain type of training I think it would take the lowest type of person to continue sending newbies off to pay the seminar bills. Hence my question to Ledyard Sensei about Sanchin's internal power. Let's think of the Noobs as human beings rather than as pigskin wallets.


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