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Re: Ikeda Sensei Demos of Ki

Over my past four years in Aikido I have had the pleasure of learning from Ikeda Sensei both in several seminars and 3 summer camps. He is an excellent teacher and practioner. He is trying hard to simplify and teach what he has learned. He wants to take us from just technique to flowing with Uke.
I am trying hard to take it in and trying to learn to use the principles in my Aikido and I can say it is coming along nicely but it is going to take a long time to master. He has spent a lifetime developing his understanding and technique which is why he is so very good. I have been very impressed with his desire to share his knowledge and his humility in teaching. You have such a good time learning from him and during his seminars we seem to always be laughing at our imperfect attempts to implement what he is sharing with us. He makes learning Aikido fun and interesting and makes you want to push yourself harder and perfect your Aikido.
What he is teaching is very solid and his ability to unbalance you and control you can is amazing and he can gently lay you to the floor as softly as a child or crash you down in a instant. I have had him often do the former and in a moment of temporary insanity I asked him to show me the latter. I once asked him to demonstrate on me a little of the energy he could create on the street to defend himself if necessary. He smiled and knowing I could take it he used a "wee bit of his true power" and looking up at him from the floor my first thought was " I have GOT to learn to do that!!"

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