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Re: Int. Vs. Ext - resisting a push

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To me, it sounds like there are many different people calling what they do 'internal', yet they all have hugely different ideas about what is going on.
it depends on where they are in their training. i mentioned somewhere about kyu rank vs shihan. kyu folks know certain level, shihan knows more. not all internal folks are at the same level. i would list myself in the kyu rank level vs folks like Sigman, Dan, Howie, Akuzawa, and so on.

Some people believe you do use local muscles groups. Some people think you don't. some people think you start with local muscle groups but then stop using them. Some people seem to think that connective tissue is producing force. Some people think that they can be stable in all directions at once, some people don't. It goes on and on.

Until there is a general consensus about what is meant by the word 'internal' it's silly to keep talking about it. We should just be talking about the problem, as simply as possible, and work our way out from there.
actually, we have a lot more general consensus among internal practitioners that you make it out to be. you have problem accepting our answers, because they don't fit into your model. you want us to fit our stuffs into your model. why would we want to do that? our stuffs work just fine. if your stuffs work just fine, then we don't really need to discuss, do we? and for some reason, you don't think folks understand external/athletic, as though none of us haven't done sports and other martial arts in our lives. a bit presumptuous don't you think?

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