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Re: new book on Zen and Martial Arts

Hagen Seibert wrote: View Post
Hello Peter,

Let me also say that it is difficult to refer exclusively to Zen Buddhism without becoming academic and getting into elaborate conceptual delimitations. Because then you need to explain this from Zen but this is from xxxx. Some readers would find this boring. Itīs not what I wanted.
Yes you need to know and write for your intended audience - and it is hoped your critics understand that.

That said there is a whole new subject about Buddhism and the Martial arts beyond which particular version had the more defining influence. Did Buddhism influence practice or were concepts borrowed to explain existing precepts. A real chicken and egg problem in my opinion but very interesting.

The early samurai were all flash and painted horses - the opposite of what we now associate with zen-like state.

Peter Rehse Shodokan Aikido
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