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Zato Ichi
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Re: Aikido Babe ! ( Cartoon )

Tonya Woods wrote:
Personally, I prefer the term "goddess".
Why? If I hear the term goddess in reference to a woman, I generally think that the person in question has a rather large ego (if referring to herself) or is infatuated with someone.

Should men, then, be referred to as gods?
No, really, I just want to cut the nails off that buxom eye candy and give her a freakin' sports bra and a hair tie. Come on. Art is powerful. Use your powers for good, not for perpetuating stereotypical idealistic images that no young girl can ever live up to without thousands of dollars of surgery.
Let's imagine the reverse: the piece of work in question is no longer of a goddess , but some guy with chisled features, and a well muscled body. He's got his dogi half off like the kyudo guys: still have the same objections? If you want to see things you'd really have trouble with, go read some manga or watch some anime. Hell, North American comics have some of the most exaggerated bodies (both male and female) anywhere.

Secondly: perhaps you can enlighten me as to when artists suddenly became the vanguard for enlightenment? Art defines society, not reflects it?

Finally, what exactly what do you have against buxom eyecandy? Some women are very pretty and have large breasts. Fact of life. Would it be more acceptable if she were unattractive and had an A-cup?
Little things do add up….do matter. You are sheltered if you think that they don't.
This is an attack on the artist, not the art.
It injects materialistic desire…the things that don't really matter in the end back into the thought of aikido when that is exactly what I am trying to let go of.
So, you're saying that when someone joins Jarah's dojo, all they're going to be thinking is "Dude - where are all the hot chicks?" Give me a break.

BTW Jarah: well done. Good line work, use of whitespace. My only real criticism of the piece would be the use the icons in the corners and the way he figure is centered on the page: the icons seem kinda cheesy to me, and moving the figure slightly off the center of the image area would make it more interesting. All IMHO of course.
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