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Re: The relevance of origin.

Steven Shimanek wrote: View Post
Ruiz is an entertaining author, but the so called "historical " context he says he got his knowledge from is fraudulentů..he is not a Toltec anything. For more info see the Native American Frauds and Plastic Shamans website.Is the fruit of the poison tree still edible?
Interesting, kind of brings me full circle to why I started this thread. Does the source of the information validate the information being transmitted. Carlos Castenada was a total fraud, but passed along some useful information. When I'm doing a hike, and I point my index fingers in a certain way , it can get a blast of energy that keeps me keeping on. While thats a trick I learned from Castenada, does it matter where he learned it as long as it works. The key words are "as long as it works". I. don't give a rats patooti if a person was group indoctrinated or self proclaimed, just as long as the information is useful and has utility. We live in a room full of mirrors, and are only anything by our own definitions .
I hate to say it, but after reading these posts, I see more limitations placed by knowledge, than applications. Sorry and good luck.
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