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Re: The relevance of origin.

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You know...smileys are all well and good,a nd I'm not saying this is true of you, or Carsten, or anyone specifically, but when people insist on speaking in vague terms, it's often an attempt to obfuscate. And when there's an attempt to obfuscate, it's often to hide the fact that you ain't got nothin'. It's particularly effective when you insist that those who don't see what you see are blind or stupid or ignorant, and that only the most discerning and clued in will see "it". It's a common tactic of frauds, and so I think that if you're not a fraud, you really should have every possible motive to avoid conducting yourself in this way. I don't understand why this kind of behavior is still so prevalent here.

I think you should cut these folks some slack. The people using the vague language are describing something they are working on that they haven't really gotten ahold of yet. They are not representing themselves as experts, just as people who are seeking something they have caught only a few glimpses of. So I don't think there is any possible "fraud" dimension here.

This thread was bound to turn out this way - many people have chosen alternate Aikido paths based on a belief that the origin story of Aikido coming from the Aikikai Hombu is false. So to them the relevance of origin is going to key into the thing that makes them most passionate, be it internal power or Iwama style or what have you.
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