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Re: Fumiaki Shishida at Shodokan Trinidad

Hey folks,

Shishida Shihan and his wife left today, after experiencing some real Trini hospitality. I think they finally got the chance to have a vacation during his sabbatical.

The training we received was nothing short of spectacular, I feel like a beginner once again, with my Randori no Kata, Ura Waza and Koryu Dai San taken apart, analyzed and reintegrated to be even more effective while keeping the essence of the kata. It'll take some years to fully internalise and understand what we were shown, but in the end it was a chance of a lifetime. Our dojo is very thankful for Shihan's visit. I can now appreciate what some folks say when they get tossed around by a "master." His technique is deceptively powerful and painful.

At the end of it all, I now have - an almost empty bank account , a sprained elbow and sore wrists (gotta change that "we don't tap" motto), some calloused toes (highly fashionable) and Shodokan has a new Trini Nidan.

I hope this can be repeated in future, maybe one day we can host the International Festival right here. I'm sure many folks won't mind.

The pics I'll put up later as I develop the film etc.

Until next time.


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