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Re: Fumiaki Shishida at Shodokan Trinidad

Hmm, Sumi otoshi.... gotta take ukemi from him for that one at least then. It's been a while since I've felt that need to call Air Traffic Control for landing clearance during training. I kinda miss that "hopelessly airborne" feeling.

Sumi otoshi used to give me some probs, it still does for certain attacks. I've found that a modification I learnt of it in another style makes it a lot more effective and applicable, but only for yokomen attacks. I still have a prob not muscling it against shorter opponents, also don't like that whiplash effect that causes Uke's other hand to touch my side as he goes down.

I've also found the similarity with Tomiki's body type. Should be interesting as I'm a tallish one myself. My instructor was closer to Nariyama in build so I learnt a lot of "short man" Aikido if you catch my drift.

You guys really have me excited now.

Sorry you can't make it Yann, but I'm also having something in August, though the featured Shodokan instructor there probably will not be as highly ranked. Should be fun though.


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