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Re: Even at Boot one can reach inside you and make you feel. Your feelings

Phi Truong wrote: View Post
but we do this all the time. our parents did it to us. their parents did it to them. we did it to our children. if your son/daughter said "i don't want to go to school because i don't feel like it!", tell me your next action(s)/word(s) that aren't going to be controlling/manipulating, because i will guarantee the end result would be your kid end up in school, one way or another, against his/her will.

ever since we walked this earth, we have learned to manipulate and control the environment around us, sometimes using direct means, other times, indirect means. the only way that we don't controlling/manipulating one another is when we each live alone on separate planets, even then, we might build rockets to take pot shot at each other. lets us not kid ourselves.

personally, i would like for everyone to be responsible, with the exception of moi!
You control and manipulate your children? Really?

Human beings as a species tries to control and manipulate the environment, that is obvious. But the costs to our environment, to nature, to our planet and to human lifes are tremendous! Control and manipulation of the environment is just an illusion.

I do not try to control or manipulate others, does not make any difference whether they are children or grown-ups. I would not even consider trying to control my wolf or horse.

The Asian hornet has recently settled here in France - it is killing our honeybees. How do you think we control that? It cannot be done. The hornet is here to stay.

I consider it Aiki to try to live with the environment, with nature, with the animals, with human beings.

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