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Re: Attention & Intention - Receiving and Projecting

So glad you shared this. Energy awareness and focus has been a part of my life for a very long time. I am hoping Aikido will help me to refine and sharpen my control of it. Many times I have literally felt someone enter a room before I have seen them. And have often used this energy to move people or influence them in some way. It comes in very handy in the horse world as well. Horses are very sensitive to such things sensing and reacting to intent long before physical stimulus.

Most folks associate power with tension. So when you start to try to get hem to develop the ability to project, they typically tense all sorts of things, both mentally and physically.
I have found that Tension tends to inhibit this particular ability. A state of relaxed alertness works best. Ready to act but not preparing to act. When you do act it can be with great force or with very little. Focusing on the outcome you desire changes the strength of it.

Now I can use this pretty well in many situations at work and in life. I am so looking forward to the day it snaps into place in my Aikido.
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