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Re: Where Is The Respect?


Re "Where Is The Respect," a (what I thought was a generically friendly post on a martial arts forum page) has taken on a life of it's own. I merely intended to respectfully suggest to my fellow peers in the discipline that I came up through the bare-knuckled days of "old School karate" and "warehouse" brawls." But, to get to that point, the first thing that I learned was to respect and show common courtesy to my fellow martial artists. The web site is perhaps the cleanest and most intellectually provocative martial web site that I have come across. I would love to meet and greet everyone of you that responded negatively or positively to my original - and first entry here.
To digress for a moment, as I'm sure most of you know, The EFC International Convention will be held in Miami this October 4th - October 6th. Martial artists from all over the world will be there as I will. For more info about it, contact me at
Anyhow, the "...Respect" entry has gone from the thrust of that posting to debates on WMD to what I perceive to be personal attacks at me because of people like Ann Coulter to Bill O'reilly and the breaking down of how some of us express ourselves politically, ideologically, philosophically to one respondent requesting a list of "what REAL men do and What REAL don't do." My abridged answer to that is this: If you are a man, you don't need to ask ME what REAL men do and don't do. Geeze! Lol. I'm not making light of anyone's questions or statements. Far from it. But, at this juncture, I believe that I have been on the defensive long enough and now it's my turn to go a bit on the offensive.
First of all, my pop told me years ago that the best way to lose friends is to discuss religion and/or politics with them. Although I studied Theology in school and am somewhat of a political firebrand in the political arena, but I fail to see what that has to do with the martial arts. I never took a course in all my years in the martials in theology or politics. Personally, this fine web site in not the proper venue for political debates, one's Faith or religious practices. If any of you want to debate politics or religion go to my blog, read some of it and hit me with your best shot if you don't like what you read. http://journals/ or
The bottom line on "Where Is The Respect" was to encourage simple common courtesy with those whom you may or may not agree or disagree with. That's it. There is no reading the "lines in between the line in between those lines. I'm a straight up guy. I don't live in a glass house (thank goodness - lol) and if some of you wish to judge me by my blog site or any other aspect of what I have written here on this web site, that is your prerogative. Peace out.~Dawg~
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