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Mike Sigman
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Re: Where Is The Respect?

Mike Braxton wrote:
The people with the power would not listen to the one person right next to them that had a decent head on his shoulders, Colin Powell.
Hmmmmmm... Colin Powell was the one general who opposed the first Gulf War even after Saddam invaded Kuwait. Opposed it. Wanted to "negotiate" in the UN. So when Bush wanted to go follow the recommendation of the CIA and every intel service, including the Brits, France, and Germany, that Saddam had WMD's and would give them to terrorists, Colin said "no, let's negotiate in the UN". So we did. The French made a complete fool of him and he's embarrassed to this day how they played him.

One of the interesting things I like to notice is that no liberal ever likes to mention that the French, Russian, and Chinese were all bribed by Saddam to stall the US from going to war. Not a peep. Why is that? Libs admire them for making money?

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