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A fresh face :)


I'm a pretty fresh Aikidoka who is an expat that started Aikido last September in Athens, though I am originally from England. I'm very enthusiastic about Aikido and I believe it will be a lifelong passion for me, I went from a really sedentary lifestyle to training 5 times per week. My knee did not agree with the lifestyle change so 3 weeks since I started have been designated to recovery from an injury that still gives me issues. I browsed AikiWeb since a month or two before I began and am also pretty active on the Aikido subreddit, but I've never got around to posting here!

I love everything aiki and have annoyed the hell out of my peers that do not train because I will not shut up about it. I'm part of a fairly large dojo training under Nykteris Sensei (5th Dan) and associated with Circle Tissier. Recently just completed my second seminar (first under Pascal Guillemin and yesterday my second under my sensei), feeling a bit sore but optimistic. I am the kind of student that is pretty annoying because I have a thousand questions and always want to ask or see something specific after class :P. Aikido means a lot to me on a mental level and has really helped me meet a lot of very different people, even if it does present its own challenges trying to train and learn in an environment where I am not very fluent in the language. Mystery kyu at the moment as we do not test until 1st kyu, I'll only know when I hit 3rd as that's when women get their hakama at my dojo .

I'm not sure what more there is to say,
I look forward to engaging with you all and sharing in this mutual passion!
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