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Re: Hiroshi Ikeda Becomes "Independent Teacher"

Joe Curran wrote: View Post
Dear John,
I any group there is alway s a big pie [called money ] While Orwell said all animals are equal, he also said some were more equal than others.There may well be financial reasons why the separation took place.Another reason for leaving is egotism.If indeed there was a good bond between Ikeda Sensei and Saotome Sensei why should they have separated?Maybe like the character in the Highlander Tv /movies series certain parties felt there should be only one???
Not the first time or for that matter the last time have tumbrils rolled out from their storage areas, dusted down and transported victims to the scaffold.Cheers, Joe.
While I answered the larger question elsewhere, I feel I should answer the issue of financial motives. I would say that money issues simply did not enter into this decision. Neither teacher has to worry about financial issues, both have been quite successful and continue to be.

The issue here is much more one of the eldest son in a family and whether he can or wishes to take over the family business. I think that it may have become apparent that while the eldest son had all the skills necessary to run the business, his great love was elsewhere. So now he is going off to continue pursuing his dream while his younger siblings look to inherit the business at some point. The process of differentiation can be difficult in many families and ours is no different. But the younger siblings have a close relationship with their elder brother and it's simply the time for us to step up and figure out how to run the business when the times come when we never previously thought it would fall to us.

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