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Re: Hiroshi Ikeda Becomes "Independent Teacher"

John Burn wrote: View Post
I'm not sure that's how Katherine meant the comment, Joe. I can't see how ASU were loosing any income with Ikeda Sensei as one of the teachers. Now however, it could well be a different story - let's say half the dojo's chose to follow Ikeda sensei - ASU looses a ton of money.

Of course, my views are entirely my own, I am not and never have seen an ASU member but Ikeda sensei is and has been my teacher for some time and will be the only aikido teacher I ever consider as sensei.
Dear John,
I any group there is alway s a big pie [called money ] While Orwell said all animals are equal, he also said some were more equal than others.There may well be financial reasons why the separation took place.Another reason for leaving is egotism.If indeed there was a good bond between Ikeda Sensei and Saotome Sensei why should they have separated?Maybe like the character in the Highlander Tv /movies series certain parties felt there should be only one???
Not the first time or for that matter the last time have tumbrils rolled out from their storage areas, dusted down and transported victims to the scaffold.Cheers, Joe.
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