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Re: Hiroshi Ikeda Becomes "Independent Teacher"

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I'm not sure that's how Katherine meant the comment, Joe. I can't see how ASU were loosing any income with Ikeda Sensei as one of the teachers. Now however, it could well be a different story - let's say half the dojo's chose to follow Ikeda sensei - ASU looses a ton of money.
Yes, that was exactly my point. From the point of view of the underlying art, it's very easy to talk about peace and harmony and respect for other threads of instruction. But now you have the same number of dojos and students potentially being divided between two organizations.


PS Please note that I am not taking a position on the causes of the split or on the relative merits of either Shihan. Simply noting that the financial ramifications are likely to cause the most trouble for all parties going forward.
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