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Keith Larman
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Re: Hiroshi Ikeda Becomes "Independent Teacher"

Deru kui wa utareru.

I suspect in the long run Ikeda and his students will flourish. So quite frankly I think the sympathy should be shown to ASU members who are left wondering what it all means. Aikido can become such a diverse and individual type of exploration. That along with large organizational structures don't seem to get along all that well. Especially those nails standing up just a bit, refusing to get hammered down.

What was the Tom Lehrer line? " has been a nervous year and people have begun to feel like a Christian scientist with appendicitis." That feeling, I think, will be the real issue going forward for many.

All sympathies. Maybe I'm getting jaded, but it sounds to me like the same old song and dance, all over again... Shrug.

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