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Re: Recommended Cross Train in Aikido or BJJ?

I certainly concur with your comments concerning self defense! I have made the same argument here myself over the years. If Self Defense is a primary goal of training, then empty handed martial arts are not a very efficient delivery mechanism for accomplishing that goal!

To me it is a much more complex topic that deals with many, many aspects of training.

TKD, BJJ, Aikido all offer a different perspective and different methodologies for training. Each person has a different reason for training.

Sort of like a being a potter I suppose. To many it is important to explore the full range and skills of pottery and the joy of making pots in various techniques, shapes, sizes, mediums etc.

To others it is all about having a bowl to eat your cereal out of. (endstate).

For those individuals it would seem to make much more sense to simply go to the store and purchase the bowl already made than to go through the trouble of making it!

I think many might say the are interested in the endstate of having the pot (self defense), but really I think they are more focused on the journey and looking at what it has to offer than anything else!

Otherwise they would spend their time and money on more efficient self defense mechanisms.

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