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Re: Recommended Cross Train in Aikido or BJJ?

I concur with both posters in their comments. It depends on what our goals are.

I don't really buy the whole multiple attacker analogy as criteria. It is an over simplification of both arts.

If I had to over simplify it would center around the distance at which both arts start with and train with 90% of the time. Aikido would be akin to training the same distance as TKD, but not really, whereas BJJ typically focuses closer in.

If I were a TKD guy, i'd look seriously at BJJ, since one weakness I find TKD guys have is that they are not very comfortable in the close in range...really that both Aikido and BJJ deal with...but more specifically BJJ.

I would concur that if you are primarily looking at rapidly learning to deal with self defense or heavy into non-compliance, i'd start with BJJ.

I study both Aikido and BJJ, studied TKD and Karate years ago...for what it is worth!

It really is an individual call and I would recommend going to several dojos and styles to see what you personally seem to connect with!

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