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Re: Baseline skillset

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Just to be clear, I'm not actually advocating an increased discussion on ki within aikido. I am advocating more focus on developing internal structures and sensitivities. I don't particularly care if one uses chi/ki speak or very specific internal structure/feedback models. I believe (although I suspect Mike will disagree) that they are different ways of getting to the same place. I find that if the structure isn't in place, one will never achieve any of the sensations associated with ki/chi flow, but personally I find an effect rather than a cause. Since there is so much baggage already associated with the term "ki" I'm fine leaving it on the side for a while and coming at this stuff from a different angle, probably one of the reasons that I found the Aunkai stuff so approachable.
Hello Chris,

I found that there are three training methods that can be used:
1. Structural
2. Pathways
3. Structural and Pathways at same time.

Having been in DC with Mike and Rob, I found that Rob's exercises worked quite a bit on structure while Mike's exercises worked quite a bit on pathways. (noting that there was little time for anything but basics with Mike and Rob, so I'm sure there are a lot of other exercises designed for other benefits.)

It seems that a lot of the ki society exercises fall under #2 in some form but rarely on #1 as it pertains to internal skills being discussed here.

I'm not sure which methodology works the best since I'm a beginner at this. But, I think that if you're breaking things down, then you'd have to at least do training exercises for #1 and #2.

IMO anyway,
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