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Re: Baseline skillset

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I go by what the founders of the arts have written about them and my interpretations of them, and what current long-term masters of the respective arts state.
Justin once again raises points about the history of the art of Aikido. A history that has shown Ueshiba talking about pushing and many, of his students testimony to that effect and then there is the overwhelming video evidance.

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As far as I can tell, no founder of aikido, taijiquan, etc., has written about force vectors and the like, or about specific skills that are supposedly the basis for an entire collection of martial arts.
Well thats not true either. There are writings in CMA on various specifics uses of jins and applications of force vectors in motion, and how to do them. And depending on which master level teachers you have met and trained with they most certainly will talk to you about specifics. Maybe their sharing just depends on -your- skill level.

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Asking people who make grand claims and checking out their responses does in fact benefit aikido.
Well, so far I have had the benefit of some fairly rude behaviour and "challenges" by way of invitation. I have stepped-up with about a dozen people from here who have all written in that the claims (which are not grand claims in my estimation) are in fact as I stated them, and more. So have others.
Now after all that, with smoe pretty substantial testimony- instead of hubris- you see the writing continually pointing to a balance. Stating that these skills are potent and can greatly benefit to aikido but they, like allot of other things, still have to face MMA or Judo.
Something whcih I also show. The last two groups here were all asked if they would like to try and toss me Judo or jujutsu style without me doing a damn thing by way of technique back to them.

Folks here should at least ackowledge credibility to the good men and women, your peers, who came and felt me and Mike and Rob.
Why do you want and choose to hold untenable position against so many witnesses. Forget us, what about all of them?
I have noticed the naysayers never chastise or harrass these folks when they write. They go after Mike, or me.
If the interests were truly in researching skills that benefit Aikido and are foundational as the source of Aiki- why not talk or write about these peer reviews too. Go back and read all the testimony and honestly assess their diverse experiences and opninions.
Are they all wrong too?

A peer review thread could be the collected works of the testimony of the Aikidoka who have felt these skills. The skills that are the source of this seemingly controversial topic. I've not read a detractor yet. But sadly nore have I read of any support for their efforts from the naysayers. Its as if they don't exist as the nay sayers go after us or our views instead. I've not seen the like. It makes Ikeda's words seem all the more timely and needed.
Cheers anyway

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