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Re: Baseline skillset

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They have thier views on base line skills. and counter ours at every turn.
I go by what the founders of the arts have written about them and my interpretations of them, and what current long-term masters of the respective arts state.

As far as I can tell, no founder of aikido, taijiquan, etc., has written about force vectors and the like, or about specific skills that are supposedly the basis for an entire collection of martial arts.

So when I ask people making claims who are not teachers or even current practitioners in the respective arts, for evidence, or state that I respectfully disagree, it is not a 'my view vs. yours' type of thing, but me asking for where the founders of these arts said such things.

If they have something to actually show that will benefit aikido instead of yaking....lets see it.
You've seen it. Asking people who make grand claims and checking out their responses does in fact benefit aikido.


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