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Re: Baseline skillset

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You simply snipe, ...
You did not answer any of the questions.

Again, what are the problems you perceive, why do you feel that your approach is better than becoming an aikido and taijiquan teacher and correcting that way, and how is talking about forces and the ground different than external?

I'm trying to get a handle on the specific problems which are claimed by a few to exist in the aikido and taijiquan teaching community.

Go visit Jim Sorrentino, like some of us have, and show him what you can do.
I think people can see that a desire to have me visiting Jim, whos dojo I already have visited and sat in on some classes and found impressive, and don't have any disagreements with, has nothing to do with my questions.


A secret of internal strength?:
"Let your weight from the crotch area BE in his hands."
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