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Re: translation help

Wow, thanks Dave!

thats a very good insight you pointed out. I really appreciate it.
I actually wanted to use the phrases as a proper noun.

You see, me and a couple of other close friends who happen to be aikidoka as well, are planning to open a dojo (with sensei blessing of course).... thing is, sensei' s japanese is very rusty, and these were some of the names we came up with to name the dojo.

We didn't choose these simply because they sounded cool, but the reason why we put the word "shadow" at the end is because we wanted to name it after the company that's sponsoring us. (Yes in english our company's name literaly means "Shadow Entertainment") The company officially owns the house that we'll turn into the dojo by next year.

I can't tell you why the othe word is secret or hidden... hehehe its something we don't want to say publicly.

either way, thats about it, we want to use the phrase as a name or as a proper noun..

thank you...!
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