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Re: Modern Army Combatives


The intent of this thread was not to debate if aikido works or doesn't work in a real fight....we have plenty of that conversation on other such threads. It is one of my favorite ones.

The only reason I bring this up as it tends to be a huge emotional issue for many and I hate it when that argument clouds the conversation when people are trying to get information on other training methodologies outside of aikido such as Modern Army Combatives.

I think though, that it is good to discuss training methodolgy as it applies to jobs such as yours here and how you go develop and execute integrated training strategies.

Kit, for example, talks at length about this.

Anyway, I am curious how you integrate the training into your situation.

I do a myriad of things for my own personal training, but change it up quite a bit when conducting training for soldiers. Integrating training under duress and using a stress induction model is key I think...something that we don't do much in a traditional dojo.

Anyway, I don't want people to lose sight of the discussion of this thread and start debating aikido and it's relevancy.

Good discussion though on how you use it in your daily life!

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