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Re: Mat thickness and material for home practice?

Jeff Patterson wrote: View Post

Allow me to begin by apologizing if my question has already been answered elsewhere and preemptively thank y'all for your input.

I would like to purchase some mats to practice my ukemi in my home. Note that the space I will have to utilize is my basement/garage area.

Due to the hellspawn I act as father to, I plan to purchase a style that allows me to put them away when not in use in an effort to preserve their longevity.

My question is two-fold.

1) What thickness should I use on a concrete floor that has no other covering?
2) Are folding blue gym mats my best option for take out and put up? If not, what are my other options?
I use at the dojo and home, both cement floors, the 4x8 Series 400 from Mancino Mats. Mine are the 1 3/8". Fold up nicely and are easy to transport.

Image shown is the 6x12. Each panel is essentially 4' x 2', total of 4 panels which gives you the 4'x8'.

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