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Re: aikido = self-defense??? or self-defense = aikido???

Aikido, for Tori, is about learning how to kill without actually killing.

One has to be so good at killing that ultimately no confrontation will ever demand that you actually do it.

Part of the challenge of that is to also learn to be willing to die.

Same deal for Uke.

Thus our most base humanity is expressed in our training. Our capacity for violence, and our capacity to make a choice.

I contend that the vision O'Sensei had for Aikido in giving "peace" to the world is not that it makes Aikidoka untouchable warriors of mercy, but that if everyone were Aikidoka then nobody would be left to consider violence a good idea in the first place. Yet we'd all still be able to satisfy our innate capacity to be violent, but without actually hurting each other, by retiring to the dojo every day.

I guess you can't fault the ambition of the project.
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