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Dan Kronenberg
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Yesterday evening I taught the kids class in our dojo and thought I would open up this debate with them - just to see if they give more importance to getting different coloured belts than the actual practice of Aikido.I told them to answer truthfully, as I was concerned that they would say what they thought I wanted to hear.
They all agreed that the practice was the main reason they came and would still continue to come even if we stopped giving them belts ( although it was nice to be able to see some visible proof of progress and recognition of achievement ).
I was pleased to see that we hadn't ,as a club, infected the kids class with the image that ranks are the end goal in training.
As for the importance that O Sensei gave to ranks - he wrote a lot about the Kami, Heaven and Earth, Peace and the Divine but didn't really focus on ranks.

Thanks, Dan.
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