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Re: Is power really generated from the center?

Dan Harden wrote: View Post
This is basic stuff, Graham. Can you show me something worth being a hero about? The real question is how can anyone claim to truly know and not be past this stuff and on to more advanced things?
I'll assume for argument sake that Endo is past this stuff already and is only showing these basic concepts for beginners (I have no opinion, I have not felt the guy), but if that was a teaching tape or an attempt to teach, than well...!
I mean, come on dude, seriously?
I say again, find someone who can do it, more importantly find someone who has students who are very, very good and thus hopefully they can actually teach it.
Just say'n
Wishful thinking, man. I would kill to have had an aikido teacher who took the time to even explain things on that level for a couple years. But even had I, I don't think I could have interpreted what he is doing in the initial part of that video based on what he is saying, because I had no framework, and what he is saying doesn't seem to offer much insight into it either even now. How do you send power down? He sure as hell ain't saying there. I didn't even quite get it when you outright showed it and explained it until I saw it from yet another viewpoint, then it finally sank into my thick skull.

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