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Re: Ueshiba's Power Grip

I've felt a lot of weak grips before. A guy I train with lifts all the time (might be on roids... huge arms and chest), but he uses the straps on his wrists. Grips like a girl (actually my girlfriend has a better grip).

One of the strongest grips I've ever felt was from a contractor friend of my father's when I was in my teens. His grip was so powerful it could drop you. He said he had to be careful because he had bruised people's hands when shaking hands before. I don't doubt it. It is amazing what guys who do some hard manual labor get from the work they do. Add hours clearing fields in Hokkaido to hours of budo practice and I think you're in for one hell of a grip.

For those of us who can't do hours of farm work this could help:

Add some aikido training and a lot of sword swinging (with a nice fat tsuka) and I'm sure you'll make progress. Will it make you like Ueshiba? Maybe not but it I'm sure it'll help many get beyond where they are now.

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