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Ueshiba's Power Grip

Interesting info about Ueshiba. All three parts are taken from Black Belt articles. Some parts directly quoted, some parts not. Where did this power come from?


One man who worked with Uyeshiba when the master traveled to Hawaii in 1961 to introduce aikido there, was held by him. "He grabbed my arm and instantly it was like being in a steel vise. Just his hold on my wrist bruised me badly, and I'm sure with a little pressure, the bones would've been broken. O-Sensei didn't need technique."


Mochizuki remembers Uyeshiba for, among other things, his superhuman grip. "When Uyeshiba grabbed your wrist," he said, "it was already bruised. His hand was like a vise." Mochizuki trained hard to crush things with his hands, but he never developed a grip like Uyeshiba's. "Uyeshiba," he said, "could break the wrist just by grasping it."


Auge says that Mochizuki said Uyeshiba was famous for his vice-like grip, and that everyone knew that if he got you in that grip, you were done for. So, everyone would throw themselves out of fear before being grabbed by Uyeshiba.
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