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Luckly most of the people that I have woked with don't mind working with a woman. But there is one woman who has complained that I am to small and she is afraid she is going to hurt me. It was than suggested to her that she take a youth or mixed class.
The same woman has never let me finish a technique. She stops me every time I move. Or almost move. Saying No where is your center, No you left this behind, or just no start again. Last week we were working on Shomenuchi iriminage ura waza. I did end up pinning her. The whole time she was saying no. Than that was wrong. I noticed how wrinkled her collar was and said that I was sorry. I guess I just had to much foward motion to stop. I felt ashamed. Did I do the technique or did I just pull her down? A few weeks ago I was told (while working with her) when working with higher rank and someone bigger it was okay to be more powerful. After two days of frustration I figured out what I should have done. Relax, stay focused and be ready for the next attack. Any other suggestions of how to deal with her would be great.
Being small also makes shihonage easier if the uke is a huge guy.