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Hey, I'm not the other unregistered, and not a woman. My dojo has quite a few women, and one of our two sensei is a woman as well. Both sensei have different Aikido, but are both IMO really good teachers. From the students side, the only thing i've noticed is that women have different basic lacks than men, senseis tend to work with them more on establishing a presence while they work more on the men on quieting their presence.. don't know how to explain, on ukemi, women can get really aggressive but at the same time their attacks are less violent than aggressive, while some beginnig men can scowl up a storm while offering a really wimpy attack.
that sort of thing.

I do have a question on how to make Aikido more attractive to women. My wife basically refuses to even consider getting on the mat, mostly because of the perceived lack of femininity on the part of the women that practice. I just wish she would try, Aikido really must be experienced, not talked about.