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yep, I meant it that way. The sensei would be embarrased because he has not produced a quality student yet has given him a grading. A good benchmark of a sensei would be the students he produce, I say.

Yeah, I don't want to be at 1st kyu stuck in a katatetori attack and not being able to do shihonage.
precisely. And unfortunately you will encounter some people like that anywhere. I guess, certain ppl have just not made the effort necessary to improve themselves. The sensei would then be forced to evaluate his priorities (ie to grade to give a sense of progression for the student or to maintain a rigid quality benchmark). For me, the belt doesn't matter cause progress is from within.
But some ppl like wearing colorful belts on their waist.

Lastly, I'm very careful so as not to patronize women. But sometimes, this equality thing has gone to such absurd levels that I find myself (hypothetically speaking of course) in a fix. But I hope going about stuff with honest sincerity would be enough to mitigate any misunderstanding.

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