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Re: Ki to the Highway

Greg Steckel wrote: View Post
I just see another layer there that helps explain what is happening with fascia and not muscle. I don't see the nervous system doing much with fascia - but as I said, who knows for sure.
Scientists know for sure.
Simple qualitative analysis - the larger the sample of data, the higher probability of a true outcome - of course, not a guarantee.
Not only is it not a guarantee, but popular sentiment has been wrong in the case of nearly every major scientific discovery in history. If popular sentiment had been right, there would have been nothing to discover. Popular sentiment, in short, provides no meaningful evidence for anything except popular sentiment.
no one is trying to convert you to believe anything - just sharing thoughts and experiences.
I understand that, but we are on opposite sides of an argument, right? In order for that to continue, each of us must be asserting that the other is wrong.
How can a subtle change in my muscles present a feeling of an energy moving and changing directions in someone else?
You don't think muscles can cause someone to feel they're changing direction? Other people's muscles change my direction in the dojo all the time. I'm not sure I understand what you're saying here.

especially when muscle contractions inhibits the flow of energy.
Citation needed.

who said I was controlling their will? I said their ki
"How can your thought model control the other person's thoughts or will?"
I assumed that's what you were saying in the above sentence. Am I misunderstanding you?

there is no evidience that it does not exist nor is there real evidence that it does - all we have are beliefs based on opinion and experience.
Non-belief doesn't need evidence. I have no evidence that there isn't a ghost named Norman flying around putting ideas into people's heads, but I choose not to believe in Norman because of the absence of evidence. It is up to the Normanist to prove that Norman does exist; it's not up to me to prove that he doesn't.
[quote]There is no burden of proof for anyone here since I am not trying to prove anything - as I said, just sharing some beliefs based on opinion and experiences.[.quote]
Again, this discussion dies unless you're asserting that I'm wrong. Are you or aren't you? If not, then there's no point in continuing. If so, then back to that burden of proof.

As you progress though your martial life and gain more experiences, you will change things as well, and you may even revisit things you were told did not exist because you may have come across some stuff that may point in a different direction.
We certainly do change as we learn, and I do like to keep an open mind. But let me ask you this: have you ever heard of anyone "discovering" ki, that is, coming to believe in ki on their own without being taught about ki by an instructor? I think the answer to that question is a clue to the likelihood that I'll ever have such an experience.
Good luck in your journey

Thank you, honestly.

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