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Re: Ki to the Highway

Matthew Story wrote: View Post
I don't think we can say conclusively that there is a common experience. How is there any way to know that five different people who say they are feeling ki aren't feeling five different things?
I agree. There might be a lot of overlap which makes it seem like we're having the same experience, but I think each of us exeriences things in slightly different ways. When it comes to describing similar experiences all we can do is hope they're close enough to get something useful from it.

First of all, I question how complete an understanding can be that does not produce a definition. Second of all, what good is that understanding to a conversation like this if it cannot be conveyed to someone else?
My guess is that (1) some concepts are more problematic than others, like "spirit," for example. I'm not sure we can have a complete definition and that's what makes certain conversations more problmatic than others. We can talk about the blue chair much more easily than spirit...unless one of us is colorblind and isn't aware of it. Perception rules the day. (2) Not much, if at all, but I think it's a good exercise to try.

I guess you're right, but it's still a far cry better defined at the outset than ki.
It's certainly a bit more familiar to more native English-speakers.

You are more optimistic than I.
Depends on which day you catch me.
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