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Re: Aikido training - Why are you searching for internal strength?

Attilio Anthony John Wagstaffe wrote: View Post
Yes George quite a lot of yadaayaddayaddayaddayaddayadda..
Illiteracy is a bitch, ain't it hun?...just kidding.

Ledyard Sensei said a lot, but none of it was nonsense. It warrants an equally concise response IMHO.
Not sure why you'd bother responding actually...??? If that's all you had to add to discussion, why waste the electricity?

But I digress. I've left this conversation alone until now because I think it is out of my pay grade frankly to even pretend to have an opinion on. And from your dismissal of Ledyard Sensei, it might be out of your pay grade as well.
Whether this adds to the discussion or not; I think the cultivation of mutual respect goes hand in hand in the cultivation of good internal training habits. So for the sake of selfishness, let's not act like bitches.

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