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Cady Goldfield
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Re: Aikido training - Why are you searching for internal strength?

Attilio Anthony John Wagstaffe wrote: View Post
Yes George quite a lot of yadaayaddayaddayaddayaddayadda..
You know, Tony, in all the years I've read George Ledyard's posts, I've never seen anything but honesty and humility in everything he's written. Though I've never met the man, I have read enough of him to see that he is a thoughtful person who doesn't just jot off posts without carefully considering what he has written.

So, to read your casual dismissal of his efforts -- however beyond your attention span they might have ranged -- drives home the realization that you're just being a troll. Please stop it. If you don't have any interest in this type of discussion, just...don' this type of thread anymore! It's as simple as that.

Otherwise, some of us might suspect that you 1. enjoy trolling and insulting people OR 2. you really are intrigued by the idea of IP and aiki, and just don't know how to go about asking about it in a civil manner. If the latter, I hear tell that there will be a seminar in London, this May, that would give you an excellent hands-on introduction to this fascinating subject.
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