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Re: Where does "Morote Dori" come from?

This topic calls this video to mind.

It predates Iwama by a short time, although he would've been 52 in this vido so I don't know if that's early enough.
If I had to argue with myself I might suggest that his constant motion during the set-ups and grabs does make dicerning the intended attacks a bit difficult, I see some two hand grabs that may have been ushiro attacks that Ueshiba turned into something else and such. Also alot of throws are started with his arm extended latterally, and that's certainly not kihon.

However, at 5:37, except that he moves back away from uke instead of dirictly adjacent, his throw is almost exactly how I have been taught to do one variation of morote-dori kokyunage in the Shingu lineage (Hikitsuchi > Mary Heiny > My teacher).

There are also attacks from two uke's in this video. As far as what was heavily emphisized in his earlier teaching: my lightly educated imput is that I have seen some evidence in recent years that implies his techniques as having come almost exclusively from Daito Ryu. But I don't think anyone has implied too much that he wasn't making stuff up or eccentricly demonstrating techniques whithout putting much emphasis on any details of them, this was a common reflection and sometimes complaint of his students, no?

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