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Re: A word on Time Trained and Ranking

Jørgen, this seems to have really sidetracked from what I originally posted and wanted to point out: that people should stop giving out blanket answers like "if you got it in less than 2 years, must be a mcdojo" or "takes around 7 years", and also to point out, that for a newcomer, it can be a very valid question to ask. Apart from that, I generally agree with everything you said

I have 3rd kyu in Shotokan Karate, though it's been quite some years since I trained... always a bit sad I didn't just go with it 1½ more years or so, and get Shodan, just to sorta round it off, 3rd kyu is such a weird place to stop. I also trained a bit Jujutsu, though not a whole lot, and was quite decent at a bow and arrow at one point (though not Kyudo, the western type). Looking forward to starting a MA again, my interest never really stopped, just never got around to trying and starting up something new!
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