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Re: Solo Training

It's an old topic here and on that other board from a while back. You can do a search function for it with either my name or Rob jons name. We have both given plenty of explanations. There are maybe a hundred-to a hundred and fifty students and teachers from several forums and arts; from DR to Aikido, Judo, Koryu, Karate, and MMA doing shiko in a more correct format in line with the original intent. If you can't find the correct information (you're a DR guy) ask around...that ain't it, that aint even on the same planet.

A quick idea is that it doesn't have a damn thing to do with stomping and strengthening your hips in that way. There are things you need to do to connect your lower body to your upper body so you move as a unit. Even then there are things you do that are more old school to connect body parts that later lead to spiral energy.
Personally I like Robs answer to a guy who once said he did hundreds of them a day.
1. Your either a liar
2. Your not doing them right
3. Or I want to meet you and come train with you!!
Guess which one was the answer in reply?

I have been doing them for years and there is no way on earth I can do that many. And...I have yet to meet the guy who can match me or keep up when they do them correctly or even make it to twenty!!
Good luck in your training

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