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Re: Military Training Methodologies

Kit Leblanc wrote: View Post
We've really gotten off the track from "Military Training Methodologies, now!
Perhaps...LOL But there is a definate link between LE and Military Methodologies. Lots of folks (including me) complained loudly after 9/11 when he whose name is not worth mentioning took most of our response to terrorism out of Law Enforcement's hands and force fed it to the Military. Five years later we appeared to have come full circle with both Military and LE training methodologies blending together a heck of allot better and the Military adapting more of a LE mindset in terms of Counterterrorism/Asymetric Warfare....

On the tactical leval ala CQB these days from what I have been told you almost can't tell the differance.

When I was an Military Advisor/Observer of the LASO SEB's CT Team for the 84 Olympics believe me that was NOT the case. LOL
After a few tactical exercises run on Fort MacArthur most of those poor SEB Deputy's realized they needed to totally revamp thier tactics for CT.

Like I said I have been out since 94 I have watched a few Demo's since then both LE and Military and like I already mentioned I can't really tell the differance tactically.

William Hazen

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