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Michael Hackett
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Re: Military Training Methodologies

Hi Kit,

I think we are hijacking the thread somewhat, but my question to you is should an agency develop a tiered form of response to a police shooting event? I fully agree that some officers are more willing than others to use deadly force. Some are truly reluctant for whatever reasons and some will do just do it because they have to. I personally think it would be detrimental to the health and welfare of the involved officer if his agency presumed what his emotional state is at that point and would be in the future. I honestly believe a standardized approach is the best answer for these situations, albeit the approach MUST be reasonable, well thought out, and designed to care for the officer.

As you said, some folks won't be bothered at all and some will be devastated. I've only personally known of one of the former. I think part of the program is to ensure that those who may be damaged aren't compared unfavorably to those few who aren't and that's why I support the mandatory debrief process for all hands. I think our views are fairly aligned, but our vantage point is just a little different.

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