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Re: Military Training Methodologies

Dan Harden Wrote:

Well I don't know how a single question (asked twice, then answered) equals "all this talk about..."
I referenced what I have read and what I have been told personally by guys recently out of spec ops, along with some guys who train with Vlad and Michael, I asked Kevin how he thinks his model would compare to their training model involving extensive relaxation in motion. Oh well.

The rest, William, was addressing an idea often expressed by Kevin over the years that somehow relaxation in internal training, was static, stagnant and could not by used in grappling/Judo/ BJJ or any live environment. It's all here in many, many threads and posts. When I saw the same thought come to light again in this thread regarding relaxation and a failure to be able to move well, it piqued my interest. I can understand a lack in understanding of real power and speed in relaxation and structure from the people he regularly trains with, but I thought he would see something more from his new pursuits. Especially since he has trained with Ark and Mike.. I guess not.
Time and different levels of experience on both sides have formed opinions. It's just an old debate not worth pursuing any longer. I'd just as soon thank Kevin for his service and be done with it.
I'm out.
Dan, I can't really comment on Systema or Vlad's training as I have never worked with them, only seen it on the internet. Looking at Vlad's stuff on the internet though, I find how he moves and does things very interesting.

Not sure how it would work for us in the Army though since I don't have any experience with it.

Here is how we train MAC-P.

Obviously on a daily basis we are not training at this level of intensity, but when we spend time training everything we do is based on this endstate.

So I hope you understand when I have to go in the ring and face one of these guys that is gunning for a piece 43 year old Field Grade I have to figure out how to survive.

So far, as interesting and intriqued with the internal stuff, I have not yet figured out how to effectively implement it, or figured out how it will help me survive a bout in MAC-P or with the enemy.

I am trying, but so far I am not successful. Heck I can't even do it well in an aikido class!

I personally think soldiers would better benefit by spending more time training in MAC-P than anything else when it comes to training for combat.

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