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Re: Punishing Uke

Mark Freeman wrote:

perhaps your international friends neglected to tell you about the 'silly mid off' and what a 'googley' is, I'm sure it would have been much clearer then!

I'm an englishman and I don't understand cricket at all....


p.s. if you go down to Barbados you will need to brush up your 'dominoes' those guys can really play!
It's all about sitting in the hot sun, drinking cold beer, and standing up and cheering when everyone else does, much like baseball. The rest is inconsequential.

And draughts or what we call checkers.

For those of you coming down to Barbados for the Cricket World Cup 2007, don't forget your Do-gi. Send an email and practice with us.

The beer is excellent and so is the rum. Both are relatively cheap.

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