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Amir Krause
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Re: Another Video Prison Attack.

I believe there are a few things to learn from both this video and the previous one (Pizza Parlor):
1) It is very difficult to react after the first punch has landed.
2) Attackers will try and strike as fast as they can. If you provide a target - they will take it.
3) Predatory attacks are likely to when the initiator feels his victim is not ready.
4) Most attackers will likely lack training, but will have an abundance of ferocity to cover it.

How should one prepare for such attacks?
It seems the first response is the key for a successful defense. Therefore, one must learn to raise his situational awareness, and be very sensitive to any hint of incoming violence. You must not relay on social concepts or authority, as a preventative measure.
Being ready should mean that once the level of tension rises, you should regard your mae and placement, giving you a chance to sense an attack and respond to it. One should move and catch the center with his arms, as if a fight is imminent. Being sensitive should mean for accomplished Martial Artist to perceive the strike before it's actual start, and to more common people, to perceive the attack as it starts, rather then lands.
Obviously, the problem is how to do this and deescalate the tension, I am afraid this calls for better men then me, and to be willing to take some risk and use a mental kuzushi on the would be attacker, balance is essential to any attack and it is possible to diffuse a situation by proper imbalancing of the other person, this can only be thought of on a state by state and I feel inadequate to suggest how.

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